Kopfgrafik Förderung von Migrantinnen


We support female immigrants on questions relating to the development of their personal and vocational future.

  • Did you learn an occupation in your home country?
  • Did you do a course of study in your home country?
  • Did you have a job in your home country?
  • Would you like to follow the same work in this country?
  • Do you wish to learn a new occupation?
  • Would you like to receive new qualifications or additional qualifications?
  • Would you like to do a course of study?


  • perhaps you have children or other family commitments?
  • You don’t know where and how you can learn an occupation or take a course of study?
  • You’re not sure if it is at all possible for you?
  • You don’t know how you can combine your family commitments with the world of work?

This is where we can help you! We….

  • … support you in getting to know the world of work in Germany.
  • … help you to identify your strengths.
  • … together with you we define your occupational targets.
  • … explain clearly the steps you need to take.
  • … support you during the application process.

Our support services are:

  • cooperative
  • free
  • confidential
  • in your own language if necessary.

We help you with all the important information you need to know and show you the way into the world of work, so that you have a good opportunity on the German labour market.

To make an appointment for an advisory meeting, simply call us on
0 50 21/ 896 028 -0 or send an email to ajsche.al-molla@vnb.de

We have time for you!